The Exceptional Team Member Masterclass 
Over 70% of people reported that they are part of a dysfunctional team. Are the teams you’re a member of performing as well as they could? 
Through knowledge and understanding of the Exceptional Team Blueprint™, team members will learn how to be more effective so they can positively influence the performance of the teams they belong to, without being in a formal leadership position. 
All participants will learn how to build, develop, and be part of an exceptional team, and leave with an action plan to implement what they’ve learnt. 
Who should attend? 
Members of established teams who want to improve their own performance as a team member so they positively impact and influence the teams they belong to. 
What are the benefits? 
For the individual 
• Participants will become a more effective team members 
• Participants will gain an understanding of a Blueprint to apply to their professional and personal life 
• Participants will gain knowledge of tools and techniques to use to influence the teams they are part of 
For the organisation 
• Greater team focus, engagement and alignment 
• Improved team relationships 
• Improved team delivery – to quality, cost and time 
• Reduced team member turnover and absence 
• More efficient and effective team processes 
• Improved productivity and capability across the teams in the organisation 
• Improved business performance and growth potential 
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