The Exceptional Team Blueprint™ principles are used in a number of other services and offerings, in addition to Masterclasses. 


A team effectiveness review of how your business or organisation and its teams stack up against the Exceptional Team Blueprint can be carried out. Improvement areas against the Blueprint will be identified so that you only focus on the areas you really need to, and you don't waste time and money working on the wrong, or unnecessary, aspects. 
Solutions will be identified and implementation assistance provided to embed the improvements into your teams. 


Coaching of team members and leaders on a one-to-one to one or team basis can significantly improve performance. Coaching sessions allow in-depth focus on specific individual or team development needs against the Exceptional Team Blueprint areas. 


Are your team meetings as effective as they could be? Facilitation support can be provided to maximise the use of the time you spend in meetings. This will help to ensure that your meetings are focused, have the right attendees working to the right agenda, make decisions and complete identified actions. You'll improve the effectiveness of your team meetings and communication. 


Topics around the Exceptional Team Blueprint can be delivered as Keynote talks and seminars at business conferences or away days. Shorter Showcase talks are also available for delivery at networking events and Business Expos. 
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