"Andrew was a key member of my executive team for two years when I was President, Rolls-Royce Marine Services based in Singapore. He was an excellent sounding board, operated with complete integrity and I valued his support. His style is very collaborative and he gained the respect of everyone in the team during the time we worked together. Andrew has a high level of commitment, is well organised and consistently delivers. 
During this time we reorganised the Marine Services executive team into a more customer focused structure and Andrew worked on the design of the structure and the associated roles and accountabilities as well as drove the implementation through. He also led the recruitment of high calibre individuals into the new positions.” 
“Andrew has the ability to combine good innovative ideas with positive impact on the business. He is supportive, calm in a crisis and has a great sense of humour. All of this makes Andrew an excellent person to work with.” 
Talent Development Manager EMEA 
"Andrew kindly agreed to be the keynote speaker at our EES Celebration Event in 2013 where he spoke to an audience of over 600 including 300 6th formers/potential engineers. He gave a presentation on engineering careers both at Rolls-Royce and more generally alongside his own career path, which was extremely well received. 
This year he chaired a panel of assessors at the same event, providing feedback on their engineering projects to the students. Again Andrew's calm and thoughtful style was well suited to the facilitating of the assessment team of fellow Engineering Managers who were running to tight schedules. Equally though it ensured the students were given supportive and well-structured constructive feedback on their projects." 
Midlands Director at the Engineering Development Trust 
“I have known Andrew for about 15 years. We worked closely together during our time at Rolls-Royce. 
Andrew operated in HR at senior level and has very significant employee development and talent management expertise, as well as senior generalist HR experience in an international environment. Earlier in his career, he was an engineer (before I met him), and I think this early experience gives him a certain pragmatism that many died-in-the-wool HR professionals lack. 
Andrew is extremely delivery-focused and can be relied upon to come up with innovative ideas and solutions. One particular example was his work on the highly successful 'Marine Leadership Programme'. I would regard innovation as one of his main strengths. He is also a very accomplished presenter, and I have seen him perform brilliantly in front of 200 seniors. 
Andrew's international HR management experience includes four years living and working in Singapore, and many of his other roles have been very international in scope. He has worked a lot with Asian and Nordic teams and cultures." 
Senior Vice President Human Resources, Marine and Asia Pacific and Middle East 
“I worked with Andrew over a number of years and in a variety of roles at Rolls-Royce. Allied to strong interpersonal skills and a collaborative approach, I benefited from and valued his expertise, advice and support in the areas of organisational change, employee / team development and high potential talent management.” 
Senior Vice President Offerings and Commercial, Marine Services 
"Andrew is the consummate professional. Reliable and organised, Andrew is a fantastic sounding board who gave me sound guidance and advice that has stuck with me ever since. Andrew's active listening and thoughtful coaching skills are second to none that I have worked with and I would wholly endorse Andrew to others that have not yet had the fortune of working with him. I wouldn't be where I am now in neither my career nor my personal life if it wasn't for Andrew's consistent support, encouragement and belief in others.” 
VP Training and Field Service Development, Marine Services 
“Over the last several months I have had the pleasure of working in partnership with Andrew Deighton from AWD Development Solutions Ltd. I found this company to be very professional in the services they provided to TfL in developing our strategy for the apprentice engineering department. During a time when we underwent some major changes to our training organisation, it was clear from the very start that they had a wealth of experience in apprentice training.  
They were able to support TfL in making significant steps in how we develop future engineers and skills to meet the major technology changes of our organisation going forward. I would have no hesitation in working with AWD Development Solutions Ltd again and indeed hope to do so in the near future. It has been a pleasure to have engaged them in this contract.” 
Apprentice Marketing and Development Manager, London Underground 
"I used Andrew's services to help me get a better understanding of myself so I could work more effectively with my team. I undertook a Myers Briggs test which generated a profile however the two hours we spent together in the feedback session was what was really valuable. He helped me to understand different preferences I had and we realised that I actually had a slightly different profile to the one that was automatically generated from the answers I gave to the questions. Understanding myself better has already led me to understand better the interactions I have both professionally and even personally in fact. It is something I will keep coming back to I know as I take on board a greater awareness of my leadership style, preferred learning styles and areas I can work on. Thanks Andrew, would highly recommend, and not just for people in business!" 
DB, Business Owner 
"Andrew recently did some 1-2-1 coaching with me on personal development. Andrew did a great job of getting to the key areas that I wanted to focus on, in order to achieve the goals that I'd set myself for the session and I left feeling focused and motivated. For all those who push their own personal development to the back of the queue I would recommend Andrew to help you get the most out of yourself." 
Head of Cloud Accounting 
“I just had a great phone interview with an ex mentor of mine regarding graduate retention within SME's. He gave some really strong recommendations not only on how SME's could retain graduates, but also how universities could improve the relationships between soon to be graduates and SME's. Thank you for taking your time out Andrew, it was very much appreciated.” 
Samuel Adebare, Student 
“Coaching sessions with @awddevelopment always focus me on my next steps” 
Kristina Parslow, Owner of Paperwork Genie 
“Andrew was a very good facilitator and kept the course interesting and me focused” 
BL, Having those Difficult Conversations workshop participant 
“Enjoyed this course very much. Was presented very well. Have found it extremely useful.” 
LH, Having those Difficult Conversations workshop participant 
"Andrew's CPD workshop was interesting, engaging and highly relevant to the requirements of my professional institute. I have a clear plan now of what I need to do to move forward." 
KB, Self-employed bookkeeper 
"I found it really useful for focusing on goals I had already set but didn't have a proper plan in place to achieve." 
EP, Workshop participant 
“So after a coaching session with the wonderful Andrew Deighton about working ON my business not just WITHIN my business I'm now fired up, focused on the next steps and super excited for the rest of March! Wooohooo!” 
Kristina Parslow, Paperwork Genie Ltd 
“Thanks Andrew. You’ve given us so much to think about. I know we will be working with you again. The future looks exciting.” 
Home-Start Erewash 
“Andrew’s development workshops enabled the team to contribute to a focused, cohesive & effective approach to strategic planning. Home-Start Erewash will be very happy to work with AWD Development Solutions in the future.“ 
Bren Butler, Home-Start Erewash 
“Andrew, I am so pleased this is working out for you. The training you organised and ran whilst I was with RR Marine remains some of the best I have ever received. Good luck with your business!” 
David Haycock 
"Thank you for your amazing presentations to the AAT Derby Branch this evening. I really enjoyed them. It was really nice of you to also share your book writing experience. You are a very humble and approachable person and I feel very inspired today after listening to you." 
Fatimah Razak, AFR Accountancy Services 
"Andrew’s presentation was succinct and expertly delivered (Building Exceptional Teams) prompting reflection and giving real insights into how to improve communication, identify roles and get the very best performance in working relationships. 
I would highly recommend him as a guest speaker." 
Helen Bennett, Amber Valley Business Club 
"Andrew was introduced to me through the Growth Hub as a business mentor.  
The last 18 months of meeting with Andrew has been immeasurably valuable in the upscale and aspirations for Domino Effect's future. He has a way of drawing  
out inner desires and asking lots of questions about how that would look if we  
tried xyz. I can't thank him enough for his support and guidance except to recommend him highly." 
Wendy Harris, WAG Associates 
“Andrew understands how business works; the cogs that whirr in the background of an organisation. His skill is that he is able to listen to those sounds, interpret them and in his understated, measured style; develop questions to probe further, help you to crystallise your thoughts, and then give assured experience and guidance as to how to oil those cogs and make your projects and plans run all the smoother and more effectively.” 
Mark Wilson, Sales & Product Training Manager, IVC Group 
“I found the Team Rebuild Masterclass a really useful space to reflect on proactive and positive methods of moving on from what has been a challenging time, and I know I will be putting these tips into practice. The Masterclass was focused and practical, with plenty of opportunity for questions. Andrew is a great presenter and coveys ideas with warmth and clarity.”  
Marianne Chala, Director, The Willoughby Book Club Ltd 
"2019 was a whirlwind of a year - I went from being an employee of The Willoughby Book Club to being a co-director with only three months to get my head around the idea. Throw in a fire that destroyed our previous premises just before we took over (meaning a move to new premises), well, it was a fairly stressful start to the year! While I knew my job within the company and the framework of how it operated, when it came to heading a company and being responsible for 9 employees, along with venturing into business ownership with a close friend, I was a complete novice and felt a huge sense of imposter syndrome. Through the LLEP my business partner and I were introduced to Andrew Deighton and after an initial meeting decided to commit to 6 months of support from him (AWD Development Solutions). Throughout our time with Andrew he helped us enormously; from support with writing business goals and strategy planning, to team building, growth and personal development, I benefitted hugely from my sessions with Andrew and feel his help in creating a stronger and more stable workplace has been invaluable. It was with sadness we said goodbye to Andrew at the end of our 6 months, but I am confident we will continue to build on the skills he has given us and that we will work together again at some point in the future. Thank you Andrew!" 
Danielle Rowley, Co-Director, The Willoughby Book Club Ltd 
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